If you’re a landlord wondering how to take care of your property the way a professional property manager in Concord would, we have three tips that can help you be successful.

Legal Training

Legal knowledge is quite important to protect you and your property. One of the things you need to make sure you do is to get training on legal issues. This training should include California’s landlord tenant law, Americans with Disability Act (ADA) issues, fair housing requirements and all the other laws and regulations you need to know when you have rental property in California. It’s critical to get the training you need. We recommend that you become a member of an association such as the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) or the Apartment Association. They have seminars you can attend and resources you can use. You also want to make sure your lease is strong and legal. Get it in front of a lawyer who can review it and make sure it’s lawful. California is a very pro-tenant state.

Maintenance Issues

As a landlord, you need to become well versed in maintenance issues. One of the things we do as professional property managers is to preserve the asset and protect its value. Find out what you should do on an annual basis, a biannual basis or a bimonthly basis. For example, in the fall you want to have your gutters cleaned before it rains. Then, you won’t have issues with gutters overflowing and water getting into the foundation of your house. Do it in the spring as well, after all the rain so it stays clear for the summer. Keep up on termite issues in the property. Every couple of years, get a termite report so you know the condition of the house. Termites can happen without you knowing about it, so hire a termite company to inspect and report.


Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 11.30.20 AMMost importantly, be sure you are well insured as a landlord. In California, tenants are litigious and it’s necessary to get the proper insurance to protect you and your property against any liability or lawsuits.

These are just three tips on how to be a landlord when you’re trying to maintain the standards of a professional property manager. If you’d like to hear more ideas, please contact us at Total Property Solutions.