There are a few common mistakes that landlords tend to make when drafting a lease for their rental properties in Concord, and today at Total Property Solutions, we’re talking about those. You want to avoid these errors so that you have a legally compliant lease that protects you and your property.

Updated Lease

If you don’t use an updated lease reflecting all the current laws, you may run into problems, especially when you have tenants who know anything at all about landlord tenant law. We are a very pro-tenant state in California, and that means you have to be careful in the type of lease you’re using. You don’t want to give your tenants a reason to take you to court.

Unlawful Conditions

Don’t put any unlawful conditions in your lease. Sometimes, landlords will try to prohibit things or require things that are simply not legal. For example, you cannot tell tenants that they aren’t allowed to babysit in the home or park their cars in the driveway. Everything required in your lease must be lawful.

Online Leases

It’s a huge mistake to simply pull a lease off of the Internet somewhere. These are generic leases that don’t reflect the laws of California. You don’t really know what state those online templates were drafted in, so you want to avoid them. Having a state-specific lease is critical to having everything covered.

Legal Review

A big mistake is having someone other than a lawyer draft your lease. At the very least, you want an experienced lawyer to review your lease before you put it into action. If someone other than an attorney writes your lease, it’s possible the lease won’t include up to date language reflecting local ordinances that go along with leasing properties.

Screen Shot 2016-12-12 at 11.20.09 AMBe careful with what you have the tenant sign, and use the right lease for the right situation. Not all residential leases would qualify for commercial use and commercial leases are not meant to be used for residential properties. It’s really important to have a strong, local lease without any mistakes or unlawful language.

We can help you draft a great lease for your rental home. Contact us at Total Property Solutions if you need help finding the right lease for your property.