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The 3-Step Process in Handling Late Rent in Concord: Tips from a Property Manager

Today at Total Property Solutions, we are talking about how to handle late rent. It’s basically a three step process that you can follow, which we find works most efficiently. But first, let’s talk about something really important that can help you avoid having to use this process to collect late rent. That’s your tenant relationship. read more…

The Dangers of Not Allowing Pets in Your Concord Rental

We are talking today about how a no-pet policy can cost you money on your rental property in the East Bay. First – take a look at how many people have pets. About 50 percent of people looking for rental properties have a family pet. So you’re eliminating half of the rental market by not renting to people with pets. That means it’s going to take you a little longer to find a tenant that doesn’t have a pet. If it takes you a month to find that tenant, you lose the rental income and that’s a month of rent you could have received from someone who has a pet. read more…